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Kaydri can serve as an add-on to your already amazing services!

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Offering Kaydri to your clients & customers can bring in extra revenue!

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Referral Codes

When you partner with Kaydri, we'll supply you with brochures explaining to your clients what Kaydri is, and how they can benefit from it. 

On the back of these brochures, there will be a  Referral Code  that customers can use to unlock additional free upgrades to their event.

When someone uses your Referral Code, you'll be notified and receive compensation for referring them!

Connect & Sell Your Work

When you sell a client an Event Redemption Code, your Professional Photographer Profile will be linked to their event.


This means you now have the ability to publish links to your work inside their event. 

You are free to include links for guests to purchase prints or downloads of your work, and Kaydri does NOT take any commission from these sales!

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