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the new way to share photos and videos

at parties and gatherings


Event Dashboard

Why Choose Kaydri?

Memories Matter - Don't Miss a Single One

Partying with Friends
Girls' Night Out
Wedding Guests Dancing

Kaydri isn't meant to compete with your professional photographer.


Instead, Kaydri can help you capture everything your photographer doesn't!

All of your guests have amazing smartphone cameras, why not put them to good use?

This is where Kaydri comes in!

Kaydri is the single location where guests can upload all the photos and videos they capture at your event.

No more searching around traditional social media outlets trying to find pictures from your big event!

What you can expect with 

An Event Hosted on Kaydri

Each event on Kaydri gets its own dashboard.

Let's explore some of the best parts of the dashboard!

Stay Informed

Be notified about any last minute changes from the event host!

Add Your Photos & Videos

Add your own photos and videos for other guests to view and enjoy!

View Guest Photos & Videos

View any photos and videos uploaded by other guests at the event.


No more struggling to find photos on numerous social media sites!

Professional Photography

If your professional photographer is partnered with Kaydri, they will be able to upload their work directly to your event dashboard!

No Getting Lost!

Get directions to the event's physical address from right in Kaydri!

Your Registries in One Place

Add your gift registries to the event dashboard.

No more sending out numerous invites for numerous services!

Inviting Made Easy

Share this event and invite other guests with a single tap!

We Value Privacy

Require guests to enter a passcode before they can join.

Take a Look at

Photo & Video Sharing on  Kaydri

Photo & Video sharing is the most important and valuable aspect of Kaydri.

Let's take a deeper dive and show you how it works!


Uploading to Kaydri is as easy as uploading to any other social media network.

Select as many photos & videos from your device's camera roll, and let Kaydri handle the rest!

Viewing & Downloading

Viewing and downloading photos and videos from other guests takes just a few seconds!

You have the ability to like, share, and save any photos you see!

Photo & Video Sharing
Joining Events

Event RSVP Functionality

Kaydri's RSVP feature makes it easy to keep track of who's coming to each event. With just a few taps, you can confirm your attendance for all to see!


Joining an Event on  Kaydri

Joining an event on Kaydri is easy and seamless!

Digital Ways to Join

You can join an event on Kaydri in many ways!

  • click an invite link

  • search for an event by name

  • search using an Event ID #

  • search events by date

Physical Ways to Join

You can scan QR Codes to join a Kaydri event! 

Kaydri can help you print or purchase:

Invitation Inserts

Welcome Signs

Tabletop Signs

to help direct your guests to join your event!

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